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Modernizing Citizen Services With the ServiceJourney™ Digital Government Platform

by | Aug 19, 2020

As technology evolves, people expect more and more out of organizations — especially government agencies. They want government to keep their promises to the citizen. ServiceJourney™ helps government agencies put constituents in the center of their business with modern future-proof digital solutions that allow them to be agile and innovative with minimal impact to operations.

Western Integrated Systems has partnered with Eccentex, an industry leader in process automation, to bring true end-to-end citizen journeys. Its unified platform gives agencies tools to modernize with minimal impact on operations, leverage frameworks for complaints, disputes, investigations, work orders and many more government processes.  Powered by Eccentex ServiceJourney™ on Microsoft Azure.

ServiceJourney™ Platform is the best way for agencies to modernize fast, stay ahead and continually innovate.

  • Citizen portal technology steers citizens to self-service
  • Case & Process Management helps you keeps your promise to citizens
  • Robotics and OCR saves employees time by automating repetitive work


Why Choose ServiceJourney™?

Robotics & Advanced Content Management

  • Automate routine tasks with attended and unattended RPA
  • Search across all documents in your agency, even handwritten ones, with OCR
  • Integrate to all your enterprise data sources and systems to maintain data integrity

Case & Process Management

  • Centralize case tracking and management across your entire agency
  • Guide employees through simple & complex journeys step-by-step, tracking progress according to service goals
  • Prioritize work in accordance with service policy, escalate based on SLAs

Knowledge Base & Self-Service Portal

  • Manage help centers and collaborate on presenting the most current information for your constituents and your staff
  • Intelligently serve content to internal and external people that is relevant to the citizen’s journey
  • Easily integrate to self-service portals with Smart APIs and widgets

Low-Code/No-Code Journey Platform

  • Model journeys the way subject matter experts naturally think about them
  • Continuously improve and adapt your apps to permutations and variations
  • Empower non-technical people to design and adjust the journeys; let technical people build the integrations
  • Connect siloed back-office technologies through powerful integration features

Check out this brochure for more information on ServiceJourney™ and how Western Integrated Supply can help deploy these types of solutions for your organization (info@westint.com) 

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