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Records Management Is Insurance
What do fire insurance and records management have in common? They protect your business! You may hate to pay the insurance premiums, but you’re glad you did when a fire occurs, or your information...
Ransomware: Protecting Your Public Image
Ransomware and Protecting Your Public Image Least Privilege, Data Security, Data Governance and the Trusted System Standard Costs of ransomware and breaches, not in any particular order: Paying the...
Notebook Archives to Actionable Information
Unlock the Intelligence in Your Lab Notebook Archives and Uncover Actionable, Profitable Information Pharmaceutical manufacturing operated and tested at an expedited pace during COVID and continue...
Automate Signature Verification
Apply 6-Sigma Best Practices to Build an Audit Ready, Trusted System to Automate Signature Verification The U.S. Congress created The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to identify...

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Get Rid of ROT!

Get Rid of ROT!

“While physical volume of records will continue to be reduced through greater and greater information packing density, the number of records grows faster than the rate of disposal, and the need for...

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