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Imaging Center at Western Integrated Systems

Fairfield, CA

About Our Imaging Center

Western Integrated Systems appointed Stan Ford as the Director of its Imaging Center in Fairfield in 2021. Stan brings more than 40 years of industry experience to the Western scanning division, having served as the President and Owner of Controlled Information Systems (CIS) from 1980-2020.

When CIS merged with DataSafe in 2012, Stan also served as the Director of Imaging for the next eight years before coming to Western Integrated Systems. Throughout his career, Stan has designed, developed and delivered a variety of end-to-end applications for education, accounting, customer service and operations for a long list of companies and organizations.

Free Microfilm/Microfiche Evaluation

We are offering a FREE evaluation of your conversion project, which includes analyzing samples and creating a custom quote for your environment.

Please limit samples to (10) pieces of microfiche or (1) roll of microfilm.


Risk Free


Customized Quote


No Cost To You

Quality Assurance Service Levels

Western Integrated Systems’ imaging quality assurance process offers three service levels (Image Pro, Image Plus and Image Express) each designed to best meet the requirements of the content and condition of the Paper and Microfilmed documents in your collection.

These service levels ensure the best possible image quality and accountability for your conversion project.

Image Pro

Image Pro service includes physical Page/Frame Counting per unit before scanning for paper, fiche, aperture cards, and during scanning for film with reconciliation to the actual number of delivered pages/frames to ensure all items have been accounted for. After scanning, we visually inspect each image for quality and clarity known as 100% Visual Inspections. This includes page and/or frame orientation and allows for adjusting brightness, contrast and gamma settings to improve readability.

Image Plus

Image Plus service employs 100% Visual Inspections included in Image Pro service without Physical Page/Frame Counts and Page / Frame Count Reconciliation.

Image Express

Image Express service omits Page/Frame Counting, 100% Visual Inspections, and Page/Frame Reconciliation. This service is recommended for high quality machine printed paper documents. For microfilm the service delivers 12-bit grayscale renderings of each frame stored in a ribbon file. The ribbon files are loaded into our application software Virtual Film. Frames needing to be accessed can be adjusted and outputted to PDF or printed for distribution.

Document Imaging Process

1. Project Specification Meetings

Identifying all of your imaging needs and preparing a roadmap for a successful project.

2. Pick-Up at Client Site

Label all boxes upon arrival and complete transmittal list

3. Receiving at WIS

Confirmation of T-Lists and creation of imaging tracking documents


4. File (Folder) Level Indexing

Count and record the number of paper files/microfilm units on tracking sheet. Create file separator pages, PDF bookmarks and/or microfilm separation.

5. Document Preparation

Confirm box, file and microfilm unit counts, create batches, insert separator pages, record file, document page, and microfilm unit counts on the Imaging Tracking Sheet – making documents scanner ready.

6. Scanning

Establish scan settings, scan documents, record captured files, documents/pages or microfilmed units on the Image Tracking Sheet by batch.

7. Quality Assurance

Verification of imaged files, 100% visual inspections of image for quality and clarity, and side by side document identification


8. Document Level Indexing

Index data from images/table lookups/assisted OCR

9. Migration & Conversion

Create text delimited, database, or XML files

10. Media Creation/Upload

Create USB Flash Drive or Upload to Host System

11. Delivery / Storage / Destruction

Delivered to your door, offsite storage, or to a location where they can be properly disposed of

12. Complete!

That’s it! Your documents are now digital images for improved storage, easier retrieval, and enhanced loss prevention

Looking for More Resources?

Click below to download our Document Imaging Process and to view a complete glossary of Imaging Service Definitions

Document Imaging Process

Imaging Service Definitions

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