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FileBound 8.0 Release Notes Now Available – Familiar, but Better!

by | Oct 13, 2021

It’s familiar, but better.

FileBound 8.0 features a variety of upgrades to its forms, administration, workflow and web viewer–without sacrificing the interface users have become accustomed to.

The changes are geared towards improving functionality, but aren’t so drastic that users will have to learn a new system. The end result being a better experience in the interface for users.

Here’s a look at some of the notable upgrades, a full list of the release notes for 8.0 can be viewed here. 




General Upgrades

  • Updated user interface styling to reflect global Upland Software design requirements
  • FileBound will now use the browser’s language to present the end-user areas of the User Interface in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
  • Increased web API login security to match Upland FileBound’s security standards
  • Updated all grid views to use the same back-end components
  • Updated the 3rd party image handling component to latest stable release
  • Improved the way the primary Navigation Menu is loaded so it is based on the complete user profile instead of their default project
  • Separator and divider drop-down lists are now sorted in the configured order rather than alphabetic order
  • Optimized the way OCR Full Text data is stored and used in the FileBound database





  • Added an “Enable Add Content” option to the Project Settings. This is a General Tab which allows you to control how users add new files and require them to use forms instead of the Add Content page
  • Added a “Document Export Mask” option to the Project Settings. This is a General Tab which allow you to configure the naming convention used when exporting documents using replaceable variables
  • Added a “Separator Required” and “Divider Required” option to the Project Settings. This is a General Tab which makes separators and/or dividers required when saving documents
  • Added an “Enable Single File Viewing” option to the Project Settings. This is a Security Tab that will open a new window/tab for each file in the Web Viewer when selected (instead of loading multiple files into the File Tree)
  • Added a “Default Search Format” option to the Project Settings. This is a Search Tab which allows you to specify the default search behavior for the project
  • Number Fields have been completely rewritten. On the back end, FileBound has rearranged the data structure so that numbers are stored as numbers in the database, which opens an entirely new level of configurability for this field type
  • Added the ability to populate a numeric field using a live calculation
  • Changed Administration “Assign” buttons to read “Edit” to improve user experience





  • Added two new authentication methods for the Forms Portal: “Anonymous” and “Anonymous with Password,” which allows you to interact with users outside of your parent organization
  • When a form has been enabled for the portal with anonymous authentication, there is a new form control in the Forms Designer called a “Form Link.” This will allow you to create a custom menu of additional forms that must be completed before the parent form can be submitted
  • Added form versioning for web forms. Versioning history is automatically retained as changes are made to the form over time
  • Added “File Size Limit (MB)” and “File Type (comma separated)” options to properties for File Upload controls in the Form Designer
  • Shift+Tab functionality has been implemented for table control column headers in the Forms Designer
  • Improved the way tabbing is handled in web forms to improve the user experience when forms don’t have tabbing configured
  • Added the label to the clickable area of web form check boxes, so users can click anywhere on a row instead of being limited to the check box




Web Viewer

  • Adding documents with drag-and-drop into the viewer now opens the file creation screen. This will guide users through the process of creating a new file and adding the appropriate index information before documents are added
  • Users are now able to group single page TIFF-formatted documents into a document group
  • Emails can now be printed from the Web Viewer
  • Added a Web Viewer setting that allows user to zip documents when emailing
  • File comments can now be added in the Web Viewer by users that belong to a group with “File Edit” rights
  • Divider/separator information is now retained when documents are moved between files in the Web Viewer using a drag-and-drop operation. Documents are also added after any pre-existing documents
  • Improved the way workflow routed comments are displayed to prevent truncating long comments
  • Added additional loading indicators for instances when document uploads require more processing after the initial upload
  • Improved the speed of uploading documents by adding additional compression during transmission
  • Added the ability to load the first document in a specific divider or separator





  • Simplified checklist configuration–8.0 has consolidated the checklist functionality at each connection rather than allowing users to configure checklists for both the stencil and the outgoing connection
  • Added a “User Lookup” value term which allows you  to configure a workflow to assign the appropriate user by comparing the routed document’s index information to the user fields
  • Added error report logging for cases when assignable steps use the default user
  • Added an anonymous form stencil, which allows you to assign a web form to an external user as part of a workflow process
  • Cancel actions are now logged in the “Workflow Status Report”
  • The action buttons used to start a step and complete a step are now logged in the “Workflow Status Report” in the “Previous Step Action” and “Completed Action” columns
  • Users with the “Workflow Assignment Management” right can now update the due date of assignments
  • Users with the “Workflow Assignment Management” right can now view and complete workflow assignments in the Web Viewer


Want to learn more about what FileBound 8.0 can do for your organization? Need help updating to version 8.0? Contact Western Integrated Systems and our team will help you get up to date.

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