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It’s Almost Here! FileBound 8.0 Coming This Fall

by | Aug 16, 2021

The FileBound team has been hard at work reimagining core components of their system to keep up with rapidly evolving business trends. Version 8.0 is set to be released this fall, and will allow for more advanced capabilities and system customization.

Some of the notable changes in 8.0 include: 

  • Object Model/Data Structure updates
  • Enhancements to Electronic Forms (eForms)
  • Localization of web-end user interfaces
  • New and improved look for the entire web interface and FileBound Connect


Q: When Will FileBound 8.0 be Available to On-Premise Customers? 

A: The migration for FileBound on-premise customers is available as early as October 4th.


Q: What About Cloud Customers? 

For cloud customers, the rollout will take place in four phases starting on October 24th. The second phase will occur on November 7th, third on November 21st, and the last phase on December 5th. If you have questions about which phase you will be a part of, please contact your Partner Account Manager for clarification. Cloud customers should have already received information from FileBound regarding which phase they will be involved with.


Q: How Do I schedule a migration to FileBound 8.0? 

A: Customers can reach out to their Customer Success Manager to set up a migration time.


Is there any more information being released about 8.0? 

The FileBound team will be hosting three webinars closer to the release that will provide a high-level view of what changes have been made to Administration, eForms and Workflow capabilities. Please contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager if you would like to register for these webinars. Open registration will also be available on the FileBound website. 


Are there any promotions offered related to the new release? 

Yes. FileBound is offering a promotion for existing on-premise customers to migrate to the cloud. If this is something your organization has been considering, this could be the perfect time to make the switch. If you have any questions about what advantages your organization could realize by moving to the cloud, contact your Partner Account Manager to start the conversation.


Will there be release notes detailing more features and capabilities of FileBound 8.0? 

Yes. The release notes can be found in the Online Help. The Release Notes for upcoming versions are generally available 1-2 weeks before the on-premise release date, so release notes for FileBound 8.0 are already in the pipeline.

Want to be better prepared for the release? Contact Western Integrated Systems to discuss how this upcoming release will effect your current environment and to learn what steps can be taken to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.

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