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Work from Home with PSIcapture!

by | Sep 16, 2021

As business has changed during this year, the working from home, or the remote workplace concept, has become a major focus of nearly every business throughout the world. The speed with which companies are changing their internal environments and processes is evolving at a lightning fast rate. With so much in flux, it can often leave one exhausted and overwhelmed with how much needs to get done.

In keeping up with the environmental changes, office personnel still need to continue processing documents in their various departments such as Accounting, Legal, or Human Resources, for example. They also need to get those important business docs to where they need to go, along with all the vital information, even while working from home.

If your company is experiencing these transitional issues while workers are remote, PSIcapture, now offered by Western Integrated Systems, can help. PSIcapture is an advanced capture solution which brings powerful tools to companies to accelerate business data collection processes. For the remote ingestion, processing, and Q & A of documents, PSIcapture offers many options, including:

  1. Email capture – an IMAP friendly connector to capture not only the incoming email body and additional data, but it can also process the attachments as separate documents altogether.
  2. PSIcapture Fusion, a browser-based Indexing and Quality Assurance tool which can be accessed from any modern-day browser…even from home.
  3. Included migrations – once collected, your data and images can be exported virtually anywhere, including cloud-based storage, with one of over 70 different connectors.

Working remotely doesn’t have to be burdensome. Western Integrated Systems can help with PSIcapture and its’ powerful extraction tools, no matter where you need them. Contact us today to learn more!

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