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Western Integrated Systems Launches New Imaging Center

by | Nov 17, 2021

With more than 40 years as a trusted digital transformation partner, Western Integrated Systems is launching a new imaging center with its headquarters in Fairfield, CA.

The division will be led by Stan Ford, who was the President of Controlled Information Systems (CIS) from 1980-2020. During his time at CIS, Stan was responsible for numerous innovations which revolutionized records management for his clients while setting new standards for industry practices. He’s also served as the Director of Imaging for DataSafe from 2012-2019.

Stan has designed, developed and delivered a variety of end-to-end applications for accounting, customer service, operations, and transportation/delivery for multiple companies and organizations. For his clients, Stan has come up with solutions that include:

  • Introduced bar code inventory management tracking at the box, file and document level for the largest family-owned records management company in the United States
  • Developed and implemented automated receiving and shipping applications using hand-held scanning systems for record center operations
  • Relocated a half million boxes from San Francisco to Palo Alto, Newark and Sacramento–managed 1.75 million boxes and 61 million files
  • Programmed and supported online ordering systems that were integrated into client’s inventories

Stan brings a wealth of experience and insight to the Western Integrated Systems (WIS) team and will broaden the portfolio of services WIS can provide for its clients. With a new scanning division, WIS can now accommodate its clients along each step of their digital transformation journey–from capture, to document management, to data storage and now backfile conversion.

The scanning division will also offer indexing and data entry, document imaging, microfilm/fiche conversion, image hosting and end-to-end tracking of all documents. Our process is thorough and assures the project is aligned with your goals and is completed on time.

1. Project Specification Meetings – Assessing Your Needs 

2. Pick-up at Client Site – Includes a Complete Transmittal List 

3. Receiving at WIS – Creation of Imaging Tracking Documents

4. File (Folder) Level Indexing – Count & Record # of Files Per Box

5. Document Preparation – Making Documents Scanner-Ready 

6. Scanning – Scan Documents, Record Captured Documents. 

7. Quality Assurance – 100% Visual Inspection of Images 

8. Document Level Indexing – Index Data From Images/OCR 

9. Migration  – Creation of Text Delimited, Database or XML Files 

10. Media Creation  – USB Flash Drive, Upload to Host System 

11. Delivery/Storage/Destruction – Whether you need to store your documents on or off-site, or your retention schedule suggests certain documents should be destroyed, WIS can accommodate either need. 


Imaging your documents can help ensure that your business information is easily accessible, protected and can be shared when needed. It’s also a no-brainer for any organization paying for physical storage of records.

Large or small, WIS can accommodate scanning and conversion projects of any size or complexity. Contact us and we can start the conversation and develop a scope for your project goals.

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