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Three Reasons to Check Out PSIcapture

by | Sep 21, 2021

Still haven’t set aside time to learn more about PSIGEN Software’s PSIcapture advanced capture and data extraction software? There’s no time like the present! Here are three reasons to consider speeding things up with PSIcapture — an enterprise-class solution that’s suitable for any organization — large or small.



1. Increase Company Efficiency 

Data entry is one of the most time consuming and error-prone task anyone can be required to perform. PSIcapture lowers the risk of errors through automated processing of business documents and their important data. Because of the drastically improved throughput, a company can decrease time processing critical information and allow decisions to be made, and actions taken, all while reducing the amount of human intervention.



2. Improve your profitability

The efficiency gains from a PSIcapture deployment will translate into both top and bottom-line dollars. As departments start to produce more efficiently, employees can be redeployed into more profitable rolls and focus.

Instead of being burdened with tasks which can be automated, employees can now focus on more rewarding projects generating new revenue, or streamlining processes, and creating a more competitive company.



Protect Your Investment for Future Change

Over time, companies are always changing or updating their business systems. Whether it is a solution to perform financial analytics, or where you store your important business documents and corresponding valuable indexing information, PSIcapture can protect the corporate investment. Because it is equipped with over 70 connectors into Databases, Document Management and LOB systems, along with output to industry standard file formats, simply redirect PSICapture at your new investment and continue business as normal.

Ready to start seeing the benefits PSIcapture can bring to your organization? Contact Western Integrated Systems today to accelerate your business and work the way you want with PSIcapture.

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