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The Backup That Gets You Back Up

Is Your Organization Disaster Proof?

Data backup is a safeguard the majority of modern organizations utilize to some extent, but many are missing the mark and opening a Pandora’s Box full of risk. Hard drive crashes, accidental deletion, ransomware/malware attacks, disgruntled employees, theft, and natural disasters are just a few of the many ways companies have lost data that they will never have access to again.

Even worse, some organizations are backing up their data on devices or in locations that aren’t exactly bullet proof. USB drives, external drives, safety deposit boxes, and fire-proof safes have all been utilized to preserve crucial data, but none are immune to unforeseen events. Furthermore, these alternatives can be expensive and time consuming for your enterprise.

Storage and Backup for the Modern Enterprise

Regardless of whether you are a bank trying to protect and secure sensitive data, government looking to reduce IT CAPEX costs, or a law firm looking for a clearer audit trail—restorVault can help nearly any industry with their storage and backup needs.

With the growing list of ways data can be compromised, the modern enterprise needs more than just traditional backup—it needs a robust solution that encompasses and protects against the many risks that exist today. You may be backing up your data—but if it takes you days, weeks or months to restore that data—it may already be too late.

Secure & Affordable Business Applications

Compliant Cloud Archive

Compliant Cloud Archive storage provides long-term retention and on-demand access to unstructured compliance data, that may not be altered in any way.


  • Legal Retention 7-30 years
  • Automatic Retention Policies
  • Impervious to Ransomware
  • Secure Real-Time File Access
  • Trusted Systems Compliant (CA Mandate)
  • Compliance Audit Trail

Secure Cloud Backup

SCB provides a hot-standby cloud backup capability that allows for complete disaster or ransomware recovery in minutes, not days.


  • 30-day Version Regression
  • 500x Faster Disaster Recovery
  • Impervious to ransomware
  • Secure Real-Time File Access
  • No Data Recovery Fees

Offload Data Virtualization

Offload Data Virtualization frees-up precious capacity on primary servers by offloading inactive data to a protected Cloud Compliant Archive or Secure Cloud Backup vault, based on policies.


  • Only Active Files Remain Local
  • Conserves Primary Capacity
  • Allows On-Demand Access
  • Prolongs System Lifespan

Copy Data Virtualization

Copy Data Virtualization allows fast data replication in the cloud through virtualized access to protected Cloud Compliant Archive or Secure Cloud Backup data vaults for functions such as Q/A, Dev, Training, DR test etc.


  • Avoids Data Duplication
  • Uses 80% Less Storage
  • Restores Servers in Minutes
  • More Servers = More Savings
  • Reduces Costs Associated

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