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Need a Trusted System? Worried About Ransomware? Running out of Data Storage? Meet restorVault

by | Jul 23, 2021

With the cost of storage soaring, compliance mandates looming and ransomware attacks becoming rampant–wouldn’t it be nice if one solution could address all three? Meet restorVault.

restorVault is ideal for any organization that is required to comply with regulatory requirements because it exceeds even the strictest requirements for data integrity, protection, privacy, security, retention and availability. That means a full audit trail and compliance with internal and/or external regulations. All this, while meeting the Trusted Systems (CA) mandate, safeguarding your files against ransomware and freeing up critical server space by unloading inactive data.


1. Trusted Systems Compliant

Any state agency in CA that destroys paper documents and records is required by law to have a trusted system. This mandate was introduced in 2012, but has become increasingly important as altering or manipulating an electronic record has become easier with advances in technology.

A trusted system assures that the electronic information your organization stores is 100% authentic–as any e-documents presented in a court of law need proof of authenticity to be considered as viable evidence.

While COVID-19 has extended the trusted system deadline, all CA agencies will have to have one in place to be compliant with the mandate. With a large amount of agencies seeking a paperless solution for records, having a trusted system in place can make that transition much more seamless.

California is ahead of the curve in this initiative, but don’t be surprised if it’s adopted quickly by other states as issues continue to arise from storing an electronic copy that can be easily manipulated. While not required by law in other states, forward-thinking decision makers have already identified this need on their organizational radar.


2. Reduce Storage Costs Up to 80%

According to IDC, more than 80% of data on primary and cloud storage is unstructured and 60% of that is copy data. Paying for storage of inactive data is costly and potentially a risk to your organization’s cyber security–that data can be attacked by ransomware and could be stored securely in the cloud with restorVault for a fraction of the cost.

With restorVault, this data can be offloaded to a Compliant Cloud Archive (CCA), or Secure Cloud Backup (SCB), but will still be available via virtualized access. Think of a bookmark on your browser that links you to a specific page–if the data is stored in restorVault’s CCA/SCB, on-demand access is almost instantaneous.


Instead of each instance (Backup, training, Dev and QA) having a full copy of the data, they only have lightweight Virtual Data Files (VDFs) which point to and fetch any archived file on-demand.

What’s it all mean? You can lower your on-premise and cloud capacity needs up to 80%, freeing up precious capacity on primary servers, extending lifespans of ECM servers and liberating your storage budget for other business-critical investments. Oh, and that’s not all…


3. Impervious to Ransomware

Furthermore, once data is offloaded to the Compliant Cloud Archive (CCA) or Secure Cloud Backup (SCB), it’s impervious to ransomware. This means you can recover from disasters 500x times faster, because 1 GB of VDFs is equivalent to 1TB of real files.

So while your competitors take hours, days, weeks, months–or never recovers from a ransomware attack or disaster–you can be back up and running in minutes.




restorVault uses object storage which is impervious to ransomware


Because what’s the point of backup if it doesn’t get you back up?

But it’s not just protection against ransomware. Compliant Cloud Archive (CCA) and Secure Cloud Backup (SCB) provide long-term retention and WORM storage that cannot be altered in any way. They differ only in the version control and retention policies applied, so they can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Here’s a look at the differences:

Compliant Cloud Archive (CCA): CCA provides long-term retention and on-demand access to unstructured compliance data, that may not be altered in any way.

• Legal retention 7-30 years
• Automatic retention policies
• Impervious to ransomware
• Secure real-time file access
• Trusted Systems compliant
• Compliance audit trail


Secure Cloud Backup (SCB): SCB provides a hot-standby cloud backup capability that allows for complete disaster or ransomware recovery in minutes, not days.

• 30-day version regression
• 500x faster DR than typical
• Impervious to ransomware
• Secure real-time file access
• No data recovery fees


What Applications & Industries Does restorVault Impact Most?


1. ECM (Unstructured Information) – Digitizing, scanning and archiving paper and electronic files which may contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • $41 Billion Globally
  • $14 Billion in North America
  • 13% Growth Rate


2. EHR/PACS (Enormous file sizes) – Extremely large image files and massive radiology datasets are common in this industry. To make matters worse, the datasets are doubling in acuity (and size) every 2-3 years.

  • $30/$3.3 Billion Globally
  • $10/$1.2 Billion in North America
  • 8% Growth Rate


3. Legal/Forensic (Stringent regulations) – Case data including body-cam video, CCTV and other admissible evidence that requires chain-of-custody compliance.

  • $8 Billion Globally
  • $3.2 Billion in North America
  • 15% Growth Rate


4. Video Surveillance (high resolution video) – This is an industry transitioning from analog systems to IP based digital systems with remote cloud access and control.

  • $45 Billion Globally
  • $12 Billion in North America
  • 10% Growth Rate

Regardless of if you are overpaying for storage, just want to safeguard your files from ransomware, or you need to implement a Trusted System–or all three–restorVault can help. If you are in one of the industries above, or use an application like ECM or EHR/PACS, a short conversation about restorVault can go a long ways towards improving compliance, cyber security and overall processes.

For 40 years, Western Integrated Systems has been providing digital transformation solutions for its clients. Contact our team to learn more about restorVault and how to implement it in your organization.

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