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Come See Western Integrated Systems at MISAC 2022!

by | Sep 29, 2022

Join Western Integrated Systems at the 2022 Municipal Information Systems Association Conference (MISAC) in beautiful Monterey, where we will be exhibiting alongside some of our premiere partners. This marks the 20th anniversary for MISAC, which started back in 2002. The event starts on October 2nd and runs through October 5th.

This year’s event will be hosted at the Portola Hotel & Spa, with exhibits featured at the Monterey Conference Center. There is expected to be more than 100 booths, where IT vendors will share their products and services with the attendees. Here’s more information for attendees:


Who’s Going?

More than 500 attendees are expected for 2022 MISAC, a mix of government IT personnel, vendors and MISAC members.


Where is Western Integrated Systems Booth?

Western’s booth is #504 in the Monterey Conference Center.


What Partners will Western Have With Them?

Fujitsu, a premiere partner of Western Integrated Systems, will be showcasing some of their newest products in the Western booth. If hardware is a priority, stop by to learn about the newest models available.

Western Integrated Systems will also be featuring it’s newest partner, Parascript, who specializes in intelligent document processing. Be sure to stop by to learn how Western and Parascript can handle handwritten documents and unstructured forms that traditional OCR technology cannot.

Our partner restorVault will also be at the show and will be located in booth #403, who specializes in data storage and protection–especially high value data. We will be promoting their upcoming webinar in our booth, which is schedule for October 18th. If you missed the show, you can sign up for the webinar here.


What’s the Western Integrated Systems Theme?

Saddle up and ride on over to our Western booth, our attire will be hard to miss. We have also brought along our trusty steed to help track down leads, so it should be a fun filled event. We can help you lasso your biggest digital transformation projects. Pictures are encouraged. If you missed us during our last conference, here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect…


Did You Say Raffle?

Bring your business card to our booth for your chance to win one of two $50 Visa gift cards.




More About Our Partners:


Fujitsu: Fujitsu’s passion is using technology to create a more inclusive, sustainable and trusted future. Their passion drives everything that they do, as Fujitsu has been supporting business and society through their delivery of robust and reliable IT solutions. With operations in more than 180 countries around the world, Fujitsu has been tailoring technology solutions for both the public and private sector. It’s all part of the Fujitsu brand promise:

  • Responsive: Fujitsu is flexible while fully understanding the conditions and needs of customers and society as a whole
  • Ambitious: Fujitsu strives for higher goals for their customers. At Fujitsu, being ambitious is an integral part of shaping the future for the better.
  • Genuine: Sincerity produces results and reliability. Fujitsu prides itself on tailoring services according to the needs of the local markets and customers



PARASCRIPT: Does your organization have handwritten documents or unstructured forms that traditional OCR cannot process? In today’s increasingly complex business environment, more companies, government agencies and other organizations process higher volume of forms and documents with increased levels of complexity. The ultimate goal is to streamline document processing and move critical business information into business processes quicker and with greater accuracy.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition software converts printed characters or machine text into digital files and has been in use since the 1960s. ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is a step above OCR. Standard ICR is best known as having the ability to read constrained handprint – printed characters in a form, box or other document limitations. What is not widely known is that ICR systems have evolved to read unconstrained handprint (constrained fields are no longer necessary), and any other type of handwriting. Attempts have been made to redefine this type of technology, but practically speaking people generally refer to all handwriting recognition as ICR. Parascript is an established innovator in the OCR/ICR industry, and their Intelligent Document Processing technologies can extract data from any document image. Through a simple interface, businesses and government agencies can achieve a high level of straight-through-processing and dramatically reduce the need for manual data entry in existing document-based processes.


restorVault: With the cost of data storage soaring, compliance mandates looming and ransomware attacks rising exponentially, restorVault offers a solution that can address all three. Not only does restorVault provide superior protection, ultra-fast recovery and on-demand access–but it can reduce your on-premise and cloud storage costs up to 80%. That’s not all though, a variety of industries are turning to restorVault to address the following concerns:

  • Trusted System Compliant: Any state agency in CA that destroys paper documents and records is required by law to have a Trusted System. If this has been at the top of your list of needs, this is just one of the benefits you can realize by implementing a solution like restorVault.
  • Reducing Storage Costs: According to the IDC, more than 80% of data on primary and cloud storage is unstructured and 60% is copy data. Paying to store multiple copies of inactive data in the cloud is a completely unnecessary waste of money. restorVault can help lower your on-premise and cloud capacity needs by up to 80%.
  • Impervious to Ransomware: Since object storage doesn’t have a file system to attack, restorVault’s Compliant Cloud Archive (CCA) and Secure Cloud Backup (SCB) data retention methods safeguard your unstructured data from the ever-evolving landscape of ransomware attacks.
  • Data Integrity Assured: It’s not just ransomware protection, restorVault’s CCA and SCB provide long-term retention and WORM storage that cannot be altered in any way.



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