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Improve Constituent Service with FileBound

by | Jan 22, 2021

FileBound solutions are used by diverse agencies at virtually every level of government to manage growing volumes of data and transactions under tight budget constraints. By connecting people with the documents and data they need to work efficiently and automating processes, government offices and agencies can meet their goals to improve service levels for their constituents—even when budgets shrink.

Delivering capability without complexity, FileBound helps government agencies get control of the vast amount of information needed to provide services. This can range from applications for driver’s licenses to building permits to court records, intake forms, inspections and much more.

More importantly, FileBound uses that information to achieve the desired outcomes, such as getting benefits to a needy family more quickly, ensuring that a building project is on the tax rolls sooner or securely sharing records between law enforcement, courts and the public.




  • Reduce cycle times to deliver services more quickly.  Automated workflow manages routing and other manual processes that create delays and distract employees from more meaningful tasks.
  • Support self-service without losing revenue. Whether for a select group as a fee-based service or secure access to public records, FileBound provides a solution that reduces inconvenience for constituents and reduces staffing requirements to fulfill requests.
  • Simplify compliance with open records laws, such as the Freedom of Information Act, Sunshine Laws and other valid requests. Whether via self-service or by putting relevant records at the fingers of staff who must fulfill these requests, FileBound can decrease the amount of time it takes to locate and retrieve records.
  • Maintain productivity by decreasing the burden of managing documents and manual processes on employees. As agencies are asked to do more with the same number of employees (or fewer), process automation helps them focus on the work that adds the most value.
  • Improve collaboration between departments by securely sharing electronic documents used by multiple departments or agencies. No more frustrating delays, costs and security risks associated with moving physical documents between agencies.
  • Organize and classify documents that are piling up in filing cabinets, offices, and on-site or off-site storage. FileBound can scan all of your paper documents and save them into the system where they can be retrieved anywhere, anytime.




  • Robust security features prevent unauthorized access to sensitive documents. No more PII left sitting in the printer for prying eyes to see.
  • Ease of use makes it possible to extend the system to multiple groups without extensive training
  • Flexible licensing makes it affordable to support wide access for occasional users and the public to maximize the benefits of the solution
  • Accessible from anywhere on any device, making it easier for mobile employees and citizens to get the information they need.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, fax servers, and email systems so that you can save and/or print those documents directly to FileBound.


If your current software is not meeting expectations or if you need to modernize to reduce manual tasks, contact Western Integrated Systems today and we can customize a FileBound solution that is the right fit for your specific government entity.

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