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Hanlon’s Razor – Never Attribute to Malice That Which Can be Adequately Explained by Stupidity

by | Jun 27, 2022

Is your organization prepared to respond to a request to be forgotten by one of your customers?

Did you know such a request is their right according to the European Union’s GDPR and California’s CCPA/CPRA? Is your organization prepared to provide all responsive documents in the 30 days allowed by 26CFR in litigation? What if multiple customers make this request at once? Is your organization prepared to search through all those file boxes in storage while IT searches for the electronically stored information?

If any organization is relying on individuals to treat business records as the business assets that they are, and not their personal files to do with as they please—frankly, they are not prepared. In future litigation or external audits, these companies may be faced with the situation where they are using Hanlon’s Razor as a defense! That’s not a situation any organization wants to find itself in.


The Tools Are Out There…

The tools exist to manage records throughout their lifecycles, from receipt or creation through workflows, disposition holds for litigation or audits through archival preservation or certified destruction, all according to an organization’s business rules.

Gaps and roadblocks in processes are brought to light to be addressed and resolved to remove the appearance of stupidity in your organization. It’s no longer leading edge – the tools have matured to the point where an organization of any size can take advantage of them.

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Written by Cheryl Young

Cheryl Young (Senior Project Manager, CSM, CSPO, IGP, CTT+, ermM, ecmP) has been active in the records and information management field for over 30 years as a business process consultant, trainer, records manager, information analyst, contracts manager and project manager with specific expertise in RIM projects trusted systems and Lean process analysis. Cheryl is a frequent speaker with AIIM and ARMA.



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