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FileBound Customer Success Story – County of Shasta (CA)

by | Nov 5, 2021

The Problem

The goal of this initial project was to implement a fully compliant Trusted System process for accounting records containing Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) content. With the Trusted System mandate on the horizon, the County of Shasta wanted to have it in place well ahead of the mandate deadline.

The County also was seeking a solution to automate their invoice capture in an effort to streamline their internal processes. Their current processes were outdated and they needed a solution that could quickly capture and route information from invoices to the appropriate location.


The Solution

Western Integrated Systems consulted with the County’s Health and Human Services Agency to address these issues, as well as other departmental processes and workflows that weren’t fully compliant with the California Trusted System Mandate. Led by Senior Systems Architect and Lead Trainer Cheryl Young, training was conducted within the agency to identify potential process changes within non-compliant departments.


The Results

The final result was a Trusted Systems-compliant process that was not only adopted by the Health and Human Services Agency, but also approved by the County Auditor-Controller, County Counsel and made available to all 28 departments within Shasta County. This allows all 28 departments to be compliant with one of the strictest mandates in the nation for managing electronic records. What software drove the results? FileBound, of course.



Feedback From County of Shasta



We asked Shasta’s Technology Manager for his opinion on how FileBound has helped the county…



Shasta’s Technology Manager and County Privacy Officer Michael Conti was instrumental in locating a solution for the Health and Human Services Department. With invoices piling up from manual processes, coupled with a state mandate, Western Integrated Systems worked with Conti to locate a solution that could encompass all of the county’s departmental needs.

The solution was FileBound, which would provide a means for the county to archive medical records and accounts payable information in a system that was compliant with California’s Trusted System Mandate.



Shasta has also seen FileBound improve internal processes that has helped streamline many operations for the Health and Human Services Agency. “We have a process that requires any record sent for scanning to be uploaded to FileBound within 48 hours of receipt,” said Conti.

“This makes a huge difference for staff needing to coordinate care with clients, tracking authorized service for clients, communicating current labs with our psychiatrists—and we can store release information in the client chart for others to view.”


Audit Trail

After a recent audit, Conti reached out to Western Integrated Systems to pass along some praise of the system.

“The County’s auditors absolutely loved the FileBound system because of the transparency and the ability to find what they need, when they need it.” For Shasta, the normally laborious experience of an audit was refreshingly painless, another testament to the versatility and functionality of FileBound.


Rapid Adoption

Driving the rapid adoption for staff was FileBound’s ease of use, even for the non-technical or new user. “New employees frequently feel stressed out about using a document management system,” said Shasta HHSA’s Technology Manager Michael Conti. “That stress quickly dissipates as FileBound is not difficult to use.” Even if a new employee as never used a document management system, FileBound’s intuitive design accelerates the learning curve.


Is Your Department Ready for the Trusted System Mandate?

Want to Know What Else FileBound Can Do for Government?


• Bills
• Resolutions
• Executive Orders
• Journals
• Press Releases
• Public Laws
• Regulations
• Court Decisions
• General Laws


• Employee Handbooks
• Emergency Manuals
• Technical Manauls
• Birth Certificates
• County Licenses
• Diplomas & Transcripts
• Marriage Certificates
• Divorce Certificates
• Correspondence
• Passports
• Immunization Cards
• Police Clearances
• Death Certificates
• High School Certificates


• Building/Planning Permits
• Council Minutes/Agendas
• Finance/Taxation Docs
• Fire Department Maps
• Public Works Records
• Property Records 

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