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Document Management: Another Form of Business Insurance

by | Nov 5, 2020

Document management is similar to having insurance — it’s just good business. You may hate to pay the premiums but you’re glad you did when disaster strikes. Similarly, an organization may hate to pay for a records management program, but when information is needed, or a document has to be found, or when one needs to recover the organization from a disaster, or there are litigation production requests, or SOx audits, or “right to be forgotten” requests, or, or, or—it is a relief to know the program is there and functioning.

When disaster strikes, insurance pays to recover but records management provides the proof that insurance exists in the first place.


Many organizations experience the following records management challenges:

  • Consistent problems with lost or misfiled unstructured data
  • Lack of integrity in structured data
  • High volumes of duplicate documents and determining the “real” record
  • Lower productivity due to employees’ inability to access complete and accurate information in a timely manner
  • Litigation or audit document production across the enterprise
  • Requirements for regulatory compliance, such as CCPA, GDPR, SOC, HIPAA or SOx

The procedures and processes to ensure the integrity and reliability of the document data are often where the gaps in record are found.  The reliance on individuals to perform routine tasks over and over is the weakest link in the lifecycle and where the automation of these processes improve the reliability of “the record” and the recovery from disaster or completeness of a document request.

This has become even more critical as more knowledge workers work from home during Covid-19, but will remain critical even after the pandemic subsides because of how much it has transformed traditional business environments. While many organizations are shifting to a mobile and/or remote work force, forward-thinking companies are allocating funds that they have saved from renting office space to combat issues such as records management.

Western Integrated Systems, in the digital transformation industry for 39 years, has the business experience and technical expertise to assist your company in its business process automation projects from inception through change management and training.  Our team has been part of successful automation projects in complex transactional business processes and can consult, configure and implement cross-pollinated “best of breed” outcomes for your organization resulting in records you can find and use when you need them.

Or you can continue driving your business without insurance. Just hope you don’t have to produce proof of insurance in the event of a disaster. It’s a gamble your business shouldn’t take, but many are still rolling the dice.

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