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Case Management

by | May 22, 2023

Case Management: Command/Control AND Sense/Respond

Transparent, trusted data collection is vital in case management, from historical case files, dockets, emails, official forms, audio and video files, legal filings, hot lines, objective input from experts and health records. A dynamic data collection process ensures everyone in the case can focus on problem resolution and not the process.

Understanding where relevant information is found and collecting it in a systematic, real-time process involves case management tools which include input from other agencies, contact tracking, and, notification with escalation when a potential problem is identified.  In the past, this involved a lot of integration, manual intervention and paper handling.

Now case management tools have evolved as robotic process automation, smart learning and artificial intelligence tools have also advanced.  Configurable user interfaces allow single screen viewing of the status of various aspects of a case according to the needs of the user.  Trending analyses across cases as well as individual status reports are available within two clicks.

Process mapping and data mapping are critical aspects of a successful case management rollout.  Case workers, IT, RIM, and Legal Counsel all have valuable input and should be part of a discovery workshop, ideally facilitated by an objective third party with experience in agile project methodologies.

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Written by Cheryl Young

Cheryl Young (Senior Project Manager, CSM, CSPO, IGP, CTT+, ermM, ecmP) has been active in the records and information management field for over 30 years as a business process consultant, trainer, records manager, information analyst, contracts manager and project manager with specific expertise in RIM projects trusted systems and Lean process analysis. Cheryl is a frequent speaker with AIIM and ARMA.



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