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Highly configurable content management system from Western Integrated Systems

Document Management Systems That Meet You Where You’re At

If your organization is still dealing with paper files, lost documents, or important information held on team members’ computers – or stuck in their email, your organization needs WISDM.

WISDM is the culmination of Western Integrated Systems’ 43 years of experience in assisting clients overcome their document and records processing inefficiencies. It is built on the premise that organizations have a need to access and process documents, no matter where they are.

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Customized Experience

The WISDM platform works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. eForms, workflow, auto-classification, and records management business rules are ready for customization to your business’ specific requirements and culture – and the Western Integrated team can work with your groups to make sure your system operates logically and is aligned with your workflow and access needs.

WISDM product logo. Circular W logo from Western Integrated Systems embedded into the W of the logo with the letters WISDM

Powerful Features


Smart Machine Learning

  • Reduces keystroking to index a document. No more multiple “12345” or “Jim’sNotes” documents to open
  • Document Type is recognized and brought into WISDM with relevant fields filled in
  • WISDM creates unique identification numbers based on account or invoice numbers and the date that has meaning to the user

Streamlined Workflow

  • Works in handshake with your team to streamline existing best logic and methodologies for finding information
  • No more technology “work arounds” to find what you need
  • Leverage WISDM to ensure your system speaks your own logic language

Logical Automation

  • A procure to pay transaction’s activity is viewable with a single click
  • Status of an applicant in an onboarding process can be viewed on a dashboard
  • If you’re going to be out of office, any workflow tasks that would normally be in your qeue when you return will be sent to whoever is next in the particular workflow
  • Your records management rules are incorporated into WISDM for compliance with your business’ regulatory and operational requirements
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Highly Configurable

  • Accessible from anywhere, compatible with Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops
  • Customize records management regulations and rules to fit your business needs
  • WISDM is tailor-made to your organization’s specific needs, customize which modules you’ll need to eliminate inefficiencies

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