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Robotic Process Automation

Automate Your Workflow

Robotic Process Automation

There are certain hi-volume tasks every modern enterprise would like to streamline. Duties such as data entry, copying/pasting, routing forms, and verifying documents are responsibilities that account for a large portion of their workload. The good news is that today, most of these tasks CAN be automated using Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

What is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) functions similar to how a case worker or staff member would operate—reading forms, transferring important information, capturing data, etc. The only difference? RPA does this at incredible rates of speed compared to a human worker and is virtually error-free once a set of rules is in place.

Now, if you’re only processing a few documents per day, you probably don’t need to automate this process. But for organizations processing hundreds, if not thousands of documents on a daily basis, an RPA tool can translate into significant business process gains and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, it will free up the staff involved to focus on more business-critical tasks and less mundane data entry.

So if you’re wondering if this transition means your company will be taken over by robots, you’ve probably watched too much Sci-Fi. While you can’t see the robots, they work tirelessly to accomplish the tasks you designate. They don’t ask for breaks, don’t need vacation, and you don’t even have to give them an employee handbook.

If you are a high-volume, data-intensive organization that is being bogged down by manual processes, contact Western Integrated Systems today to have an RPA solution tailored to fit your needs. We will address your current situation and recommend one of our products to remedy any clogs in your business process.

Automate The Repetitive

  • Fast-track data entry and alleviate your employees from mundane tasks.
  • RPA is also capable of tasks such as copying pasting, filling forms, capturing data and extracting it to the proper location.
  • Scalable for future growth and unexpected increases in document intake.

Return on Investment

  • Multiple invoices for a single vendor built in.
  • Images on checks and/or payment data are captured and imported into the system where they can be matched to the correct vendor.
  • Document management system can drastically reduce operational costs and prevent potential vendor payment issues.


  • It’s called human error because it’s humans who do it. Robots don’t make mistakes.
  • Robots also don’t get tired, stressed or burnt out—which means consistent results.
  • Set and forget: No re-training or continuing education necessary. RPA robots follow the rules you provide for them.

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