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Fujitsu fi-7900 production scanner with na off white base and black top/feeder hopper

Ricoh fi-7900 Image Scanner

High Volume Production Scanner

With scanning speeds of 140 pages per minute and a 500-page hopper, the Ricoh fi-7900 can handle all your high-volume production scanning needs—even for multi-shift environments.

With its heavy-duty design and advanced paper-feeding technologies, the fi-7900 can handle the largest scanning projects and daily workloads, rendering the cleanest images.

Scanner Specifications

Scanning Speed

140 ppm / 280 ipm

Resolution - Optical

600 DPI

Simplex / Duplex


ADF Capacity

500 Sheets

Product Highlights

Automatic Hardware Calibration

Delivers optimal image quality without the need for manual adjustments or maintenance.


Multi-Feed Detection

Ensures the capture of all images fed through the scanner.


Automatic Skew Correction and Active Separation

Captures the details on each page and minimizes paper jams.

Active Stacking Control

Controls the speed of the paper being ejected, keeping documents aligned after scanning and saving processing time.

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Dedicated, Centralized, Back-Office Scanner

With its heavy-duty design and advanced paper-feeding technologies, the Ricoh fi-7900 can handle large scanning projects and daily workloads, rendering the cleanest images.

High-Volume Digitization

Perfect for large-scale capture of documents in high-volume paper collection areas and continuous paper processing. Capture documents quickly and easily, regardless of document types and thickness.

Robust Paper Handling Technologies

Scans a wide variety of documents, including double-letter size paper, to streamline mixed-document batches and minimize the need for re-scans.

Enhanced Productivity for High-Volume Centralized Scanning

Prevent Errors with Reliable Feeding Functions

The Automatic Separation Control function adjusts torque on brake rollers by observing the slip ratio of papers, that can differ slightly depending on frictional wear and the amount of dust stuck on the rollers. This reduces the need for manual torque adjustments and frees you from multi-feeds and paper pick-up issues.

Graphic displaying how the automatic separation control works. large red arrow pointing to the right labeled "Force to send paper". two rollers labeled Pick Roller and Separator Roller with two bold lines and a third roller underneath labeled brake roller displaying Torque. At the bottom of the graphic is a large red arrow pointing to the left labeled "Force to separator". Graphic displays the words "Torque is automatically adjusted according to roller condition and friction level of papers"

Skew Reducer

The Skew Reducer helps improve the feeding performance significantly and prevents a scanned image from missing an edge, eliminating the hassle of re-scanning the document. With the Paper Protection function that detects anomalies in sound and monitors paper feed distance, the risk of document damage can be minimized so that users can comfortably scan their important business documents.

Independent separator rollers ensure that a document that is skewed will not affect the alignment of following sheets.

Skew reducing function on image scanner

Reduce Workload Before and After Scanning

With the independent side guides, you can easily align edges of variously sized documents when loading them on the scanner.


The independent side guides can be adjusted to accommodate all paper sizes.

Image showing various sized documents loaded into the feeder tray with a red arrow highlighting the side guide pushed up against the stack of documents keeping them aligned neatly

To ensure that documents are neatly stacked after scanning, the Stacking Control function controls paper output speed, and the Elevator Stacker automatically adjusts stacker position according to the amount of ejected paper. These functions make it easy for operators to collect scanned documents from the scanner.

Stacking Control Function

Graphic displaying the stacking control function of the scanner. There is a grey arrow labeled High Speed and a red arrow labeled low speed, both pointing to the right above a line with gears, a paper tray and another circle representing the speed control motor.

Elevator Stacker

The Elevator Stacker adjusts the height to keep the best position for paper ejected.

Side by side images displaying the front view of image scanner with documents stacked in a tray. The left image has fewer pages and the tray is higher, while the right image has more pages so the tray has automatically adjusted to be lower to accommodate the amount of pages.

Stress-Free Usability With an Environment and User-Friendly Design

Scan Any Document With a Single Scanner

The scanner handles various types of business documents so that you can get all scanning work done with a single scanner. By simply changing the feed mode to Manual Feed Mode, you can easily scan thick documents such as drawings folded in half, multi-layered receipts, and envelopes.


As a green product certified with ENERGY STAR Version 3, you can boost your productivity without any concern about impacting the environment.

Scan Comfortably

By using the operation panel and LCD, operators can scan directly from the scanner with the job-registration function, and complete various operations such as adjusting scanning settings and checking existing error statuses.

    Close up image of the LCD operation panel with text pointing out the top portion of the panel screen. Menu: Scanning settings, Error statues, page counts, supports 13 languages. Second red highlight pointing to the bottom portion of the panel. Operator Panel Overlay: easy to read letters, supports 8 languages

    The scanner’s low profile design enables comfortable scanning even while sitting down in your office. Its compact size requires minimum space so that you can enjoy using free space as needed for your own work.

      Man sitting at desk looking at a computer screen with paper files and low profile scanner on desk. Image is meant to highlight how the scanner is low profile enough to sit on a desktop

      Clean the scanner easily

      Cleaning Mode makes your maintenance routines much easier. The LED inside the scanner makes it simply easier to spot areas that need cleaning.

        Red blocks overlaying an image of the open scanner in cleaning mode. The red boxes highlight the 2 LED lights inside of the scanner that make it easy to spot the areas inside that need to be cleaned

        Effective Data Utilization with the Advanced Software

        PaperStream IP, scanner driver for fi Series scanners, provides easier batch scanning and enhanced OCR. These functionalities work seamlessly with PaperStream Capture to offer a wider variety of batch scanning features and assist operators feed information into their organization workflows.

        Convenient Batch Scanning

        PaperStream IP offers functions for easy batch sorting through precise registration functionalities. After completing document format registration and setting configuration, the Automatic Profile Selection function recognizes document formats for each scanned document. Pre-set configurations are then utilized to specify image processing settings for each format. With this function, there is no need to adjust settings for every scan, even without the assistance of information like barcodes, separating documents.

        *This function is available with PaperStream IP 2.0 and PaperStream Capture/Capture Pro 2.7.

        Graphic displaying the automatic profile selection tool on scanner. Three forms displayed "AAA", "BBB", and "CCC" once recognized in scanner's "dictionary" the scanner associates each format with a pre-stored profile and sorts the form after it is scanned

        High OCR Accuracy With Binarization Technology

        PaperStream IP offers image processing technologies that contribute to more accurate OCR. Advanced Cleanup Technology enables stronger character recognition functionalities, by providing functions such as reversed type extraction, halftone removal and stamp removal. This technology allows you to fully utilize data from scanned documents.

        Two columns, the first titled "Original Document" followed by a grey arrow pointing to the second column labeled "Image Data". Each of the following graphics listed below "Original Document" header: "Reversed Type Extraction", "Halftone Removal", and "Stamp Removal"

        Advanced optional capture software

        High-quality, front end scanning software, PaperStream Capture Pro enhances the Ricoh fi Series’ superior scanning abilities with an improved feature set that includes options for high level data extraction and indexing, the import of electronic images, and support for multi-station licensing. As a distributed capture model, this scanner software captures your data without added costs and resources. This solution benefits organizations and departments that require an efficient yet easy way to convert paper documents into a digital file for high level data indexing and extraction.


        *If you would like to use Ricoh fi-7800 with other fi Series scanners using multi-station setting, driver and software version numbers should be aligned with those supported with other scanners.

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        Maintenance Options

        Explore the different maintenance options offered for the full range of Ricoh scanners.

        *Scanner maintenance availabillity is determined by individual scanner model

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