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Fujitsu fi-7600 desktop production scanner

Ricoh fi-7600 Image Scanner

Desktop Production Scanner

With a large, 300-page hopper and advanced engineering, this popular mid-office scanner can handle wide and normal-size documents at high speeds.

The Ricoh fi-7600 achieves scanning speeds of 100 ppm/200 ipm (A4 landscape, color, 200/300 dpi),  and can scan up to as many as 44,000 sheets a day. With its high quality technologies and user-friendly design, the scanner is suitable for continuous high volume scanning. The scanner’s ability to scan various documents such as thin paper, plastic cards, envelopes and long page documents boosts user productivity.

Scanner Specifications

Scanning Speed

100 ppm / 200 ipm

Resolution - Optical

600 DPI

Simplex / Duplex


ADF Capacity

300 Sheets

Product Highlights


Dual-Control Panel Design

Optimal poisitioning in the workspace thanks to two independent control panels, one on each side.


Multi-Feed Detection

Ensures the capture of all images fed through the scanner.


Automatic Skew Correction and Active Separation

Captures the details on each page and minimizes paper jams.

Automatic Stacker

Controls the speed of the paper being ejected, keeping documents aligned after scanning and saving processing time.

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Dedicated, Flexible Production Scanner

The Ricoh fi-7600 offers intelligent features and functionality, flexible and adjustable design, and fast speeds, resulting in higher scanning throughput.

Large-Volume Digitization

Superior image quality and high-performance technology make it a reliable solution for seasonal, mail room, and records management needs.

Exceptional Paper Handling

Captures a wide variety of documents, including double-letter size paper, to streamline mixed-document batches and minimize the need for re-scans.

Mechianism for Reliable High-Volume Scanning

Scan Various Types of Documents with a Single Scanner

The Ricoh fi-7600 scanner’s straight paper path structure assures stable scanning regardless of document type and condition. This path also ensures additional document placement during scanning, reducing interruptions between batches. The Paper Picking Control function observes the movement of each document and controls pressure applied on documents set on the chute. All these features combined provide smooth continuous feeding.


Straight Paper Path

Fujitsu fi-7600 image displaying straight paper path feature

By simply changing feed mode to Manual Feed Mode to scan thick documents such as drawings folded in half, multi-layered receipts, and envelopes, users can make scans using the same straight paper path.

Detailed image of scanner's manual mode switch

Protect Important Information by Preventing Missing Edges and Document Damage

The Skew Reducer helps improve the feeding performance significantly and prevents a scanned image from missing an edge, eliminating the hassle of re-scanning the document. With the Paper Protection function that detects anomalies in sound and monitors paper feed distance, the risk of document damage can be minimized so that users can comfortably scan their important business documents.

Skew Reducer

Independent separator rollers ensure that a document that is skewed will not affect the alignment of following sheets.

Skew reducing function on image scanner

Design That Meets the User Needs

The fi-7600 boosts operation efficiency with a variety of functions that make scanning simply easier.

Fully Utilize Allocated Space With its Flexible Design

Operation panels and back-lit LCDs on both the right and left of the scanner enable easy access in any office or work environment. With these panels and LCDs, operators can easily check scanner status, scan using preset scanning profiles, complete batch scanning, and handle errors without the need to refer to user guide.

Close view of image scanner's backlit LCD display with control buttons

Reduce Workload Before and After Scanning

Aligning documents before scanning is easy with the independent Side Guides, even when handling mixed batches. After scanning, the Stacker Side Guides ensure that documents are neatly stacked and reduce time spent on aligning and putting documents away.

Independent Side Guides

Close up of documents loaded into feeder tray with independent side guides aligned with side of different sized documents

Stacker Side Guides

Front of image scanner with stacker guides on each side circled in red to highlight how they guide papers that are ejected out of feeder so they align and are neatly stacked

Advanced Software for Maximized Efficiency

Connect business workflow with PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture

The PaperStream IP scanner driver, supporting both TWAIN/ISIS, eliminates the need of making fine setting adjustments for OCR processes. It automatically converts images into exceptionally clean images, accelerating OCR even when scanning wrinkled, soiled and patterned documents.
With an intuitive interface, PaperStream Capture allows users to feed information into their organization’s workflow through various capture features during batch scanning effectively and efficiently.

Streamline workflow with automatic functions

The software is designed to maximize administrator and user usability. Operation is simple to eliminate time spent on sorting scanned images and boost overall productivity.
Documents divided with barcodes and patchcodes are automatically sorted into appropriate folders with a few quick configuration processes. Automatic sorting allows users to load mixed batches while focusing on other tasks.

Utilize advanced optional capture software – PaperStream Capture Pro

A high-quality, front end scanning software, PaperStream Capture Pro, enhances fi Series scanners’ superior scanning abilities with an improved feature set that includes options for high level data extraction and indexing, the import of electronic images, and support for multi-station licensing.

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Maintenance Options

Explore the different maintenance options offered for the full range of Ricoh scanners.

*Scanner maintenance availabillity is determined by individual scanner model

Advanced Exchange

Priority Replacement by Mail


Basic On-Site Service


Premium Service & Maintenance


Mail In Repair Service

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