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Advanced Document Capture
and Automation Software

Enable Employees to Focus on Business-Critical Tasks. Let Technology Handle the Redundant Work Duties

Free your staff from endless repetition and watch them thrive alongside your business goals. Psigen’s solutions have boosted productivity 300-400% by automation data entry, centralizing enterprise information and delivering meaningful data to your team of executives.

Eliminate Information Silos That Inhibit Production

With Psigen, all of your internal electronic documents are converted to a searchable form across all platforms so information can be obtained quickly and effectively. No more time wasted aimlessly searching for a paper-based document or difficult to locate online record.

Automate Your Records Retention Schedule

Tired of worrying about which records to keep for how long?Psigen can automate your retention schedules so that a digital copy of the document sis kept as long as legally required, while documents that are no longer needed are automatically purged.

A Wide Range of Applications

Accounts Payable

Reduce the cost of processing invoices, improve audit process, and increase employee efficiency.


Instantly process piles of discovery paperwork, convert discovery documents to searchable forms and automate workflow for staff.


Expedite billing and claims ingestion, safeguard HIPAA compliance and automate physician’s orders.

Human Resources

Lower costs associated with hiring, reduce cost of storage and enhance compliance.

Service Bureaus and BPO's

Reduce operating costs, improve customer service, scale up or down.

The Digital Mailroom

Streamline sorting, scanning, and intake of mail documents.

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