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Process Improvement

Pinpoint Inefficiencies to Improve Overall Processes

What is Process Improvement?


Every organization strives for maximum efficiency, but various bottlenecks during the course of business can cause process inefficiencies, lackluster performance, and even pure waste. Identifying the root cause or potential remedies is the most difficult part, a task often best suited for a Process Improvement Analyst.

An experienced Process Improvement Analyst can illuminate areas within your organization that are inefficient, costly, and potentially problematic. Using various methodologies, process improvement analysis can address a variety of organizational needs—company culture, lean process improvement strategies, or, even mapping out process workflows. Some of the popular process improvement methodologies include Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, Value Stream Mapping, and 5S—but there are various branches and subcategories of each discipline.

While each method has its own intricacies, their overall goal remains the same: promote continuous improvement by identifying components of an organization that are not functioning optimally.

Why Process Improvement Analysis?


While some organizations can pinpoint the cause of their inefficiencies, many either are unaware or simply unsure of how to improve their overall processes. A dedicated Process Improvement Analyst is trained to identify, analyze, and suggest improvements that will translate to greater efficiency.

Developing standard operating procedures and best practices are great for an organization, but they don’t unearth the root of the problem. A process improvement analysis can access the ground level by creating a standardized process improvement plan for staff to follow, while also identifying what may be causing the dip in performance or unnecessary waste.

A good comparison for everyday process improvement would be someone looking to change their diet. At first, they analyze their current diet and research ideas to decrease calorie intake, reduce sugars or fats, or increase the amount of fruits and vegetables they eat. They may even hire a dietitian, or start doing a food log.

After a few strong weeks of changing habits, many who try a new diet revert to their old ways. Similar to an organization who has identified inefficiencies, yet has failed to consistently maintain the new procedure. A Process Improvement Analyst can help an organization stay committed to their new procedure and safeguard against the tendency to slip back into bad habits.

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