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Intelligent Document Processing

Eliminate Manual Processes, Increase Business Margins

Document capture technology is commonly found in organizations where there is a high volume of paper-based processes, many of which have increasing levels of complexity. The first type of recognition technology, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), has been in use since the 1960s. This technology was superseded by Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), which added handwriting recognition capabilities.

Despite consistent growth in recognition technology, OCR and ICR have their limitations. After imaged documents are converted to machine-encoded text, the data needs to be extracted, organized, and processed. Enter Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), a modern technology that uses ICR and other advanced technologies to find and extract data from scanned documents with better-than-human accuracy. No longer do companies need large teams of “keyers” to manually enter data from forms and documents, saving time and money for organizations who have relied on manual data entry in the past.

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An Evolved IDP Software

Not all IDP Software is created equal. Parascript’s IDP software mirrors a human’s ability to apply context and judgement for a particular document, allowing it to read, classify, and extract data from a wide variety of both handwritten and printed documents.

With the ability to convert handwritten and machine-print content into data for your system of record and address non-standard elements such as handwriting that falls outside of structured form boxes, Parascript can accommodate all of the irregularities of paper-based processes with minimal human intervention.

High Volume, High Value Documents

As data continues to evolve into a new stream of digital currency, it’s imperative for organizations to harness and utilize this information effectively. If you can’t access what you want, when you need it—you’re fighting an uphill battle.

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Why Parascript?

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Cost Savings

Parascript can significantly reduce the need for manual entry with straight-through processing.

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Increase Productivity

Improves Document Processing Efficiency & Data Accuracy.

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Billions of Dollars in Savings for Clients

As the cost of labor rises alongside the volume of data, manual entry is becoming cost prohibitive.

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First to Solve the Cursive Handwriting Capture Puzzle

Many have tried, but Parascript was the first to deliver software that could recognize and read cursive handwriting.

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