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Eliminate Manual Processes, Increase Business Margins

Modern enterprises rely on rapidly processing data and information to stay ahead of the competition. If you aren’t finding ways to lead the pack, you are already behind. Manual errors cause downstream problems, and traditional methods are either too reliant on tribal knowledge or too time-consuming. Ephesoft’s out of the box functionality allows enterprises to capture, classify and extract meaningful data according to business rules that will be incorporated into business processes.

Seamless Integration

Worried about a complicated implementation? Concerned your employees won’t be able to use the software? Ephesoft seamlessly connects to existing ERP, RPA, BPM, ECM and other workflows with a full suite of Web Service APIs.

High Volume, High Value Documents

If you’re only processing a handful of documents per day, manual processes won’t impede your progress. But for enterprises handling thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of documents per day—Ephesoft can be the difference between getting the job done on time, and not getting the job done at all. Some of Ephesoft’s clients have seen as much as an 95% improvement in processing time and reliable data.

Why Ephesoft?


Transform semi-structured and unstructured data into meaningful and actionable information

Financial Sense

Reduce costs, enhance productivity, increase accuracy

Customer Service

Improve customer experience


Streamline workflow, improve compliance, and quickly audit systems

Flexible Deployment Options





In the cloud



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