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Enabling The Digital Enterprise

A Next Generation Business Platform

The AppBase Dynamic Case Management Platform provides all the technological and functional components required to meet various application requirements. Customer Engagement (DCM), Business Intelligence (BI) for analytics and reporting, Contact Management (CM), and Scheduling/Calendaring are integrated components of the overall platform, opening up achievable opportunities for automation and process efficiency gains.

Cases – The Central Business Object

The centerpiece of┬áthe DCM platform is the case business object. Examples of cases may include requests for service, customer complaints, investigation, samples – basically whatever data is essential to your enterprise.

Case data is accessible by all case workers who work on the case, based on their individual permissions. These permissions are based on a user’s role, group association, organizational function, and skills. Access is controlled at the record level, business object and down to access of individual fields.

Powerful Features

Appeals Case Management

Initiate, track, and automate appeals cases while having the flexibility to schedule hearings, create notices, and produce calendars from the same platform.

Management & Robotics

View, scan, email, and print all images needed for a case from one centralized location. Automate repetitive tasks and use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to redact sensitive information without the risk of human error.

Alerts When You Need Them

Monitor enterprise-defined events and triggers that impact your business processes. Customer past-due amount exceeded a pre-defined figure? Accounts 90-days past due? Customer is high-risk? Automated alerts notify your enterprise of pertinent updates.

Digital Platform

Seamlessly integrate with court systems, attorney registration systems, or any other related system. Easily customizable features allows your decision makers to configure the platform based upon your enterprise’s needs.

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