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Case Management

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Case Management


The accuracy and speed in which records are processed within an organization is another important component that a Case Management System can address. Reputations in business are easily damaged by slow turnaround times, delayed payments, poor support, and/or communication. A Case Management System will help harmonize all of the moving parts in a modern enterprise, while providing a documented sequence of events for each case folder that will safeguard against an audit and improve overall compliance.

What is Case Management?

When we think of a “case,” we often associate it with a legal action or investigation. In these industries, a case is opened, evidence is gathered, proceedings are held, and the case is closed once a verdict or decision has been reached.

However, when it comes to a Case Management System (CMS), its functionality encompasses much more than the name may suggest. In fact, a case could be any type of enterprise activity that is opened and closed. This could be a service request, project, claim, or customer initiating a return on an item. In these instances, a case is opened, information is gathered, and once a resolution has been reached—the case is closed.

A Case Management System synchronizes all of these activities, which can be especially useful when there are multiple parties involved. Rather than searching for multiple documents associated with one action, a Case Management System compiles all of this information in a folder that can be accessed by designated personnel. All of the associated information is earmarked for the specific case folder that relates to the event, issue or individual.

Reporting Dashboards

  • Customize reports that illuminate meaningful data
  • Charts, maps, graphs and dashboards help users visualize data
  • Identify trends, risks and business opportunities

Customizable Workflow

  • Tailor your workflow to suit your business needs
  • Automate routing tasks
  • Improve compliance by recording all events that need to be documented for legal requirements


  • Restrict access to cases and files based on permission levels
  • Safeguard sensitive information in a centralized database
  • Secure servers and frequent backups

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