Capture is the most important step in transforming documents, regardless of format, into usable business information. Document capture has evolved into a sophisticated set of technologies that allow users to transform virtually any type of document into usable business information.  

As business challenges have changed, so too has the technology. Today’s capture software incorporates OCR and technologies with advanced capture capabilities, which intelligently identifies the document type, automatically extracts needed information, verifies against existing databases, and feeds into workflow which can update line of business applications, or, send to an employee for further processing. This has allowed for the automation of numerous business processes including, but not limited to invoice capture automation, remittance processing, onboarding tasks and application processing. 

Whether organizations are simply trying to produce an electronic image of a document, or intelligently identifying document types and automatically extracting data elements, Western Integrated Systems can customize a solution to fit almost any business requirement. We work with best of breed software vendors and employee system engineers who are experts in their fields.