Documents, whether they are electronic, fax or paper, must be efficiently managed by manufacturers. These include:

  • Customer orders and contracts
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Internal production documents
  • Shipping documentation
  • Warranty requests
  • Administrative documents, including human resource and corporate files
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

How do you make these documents become easier to manage, making you more responsive to internal teams, the supply chain and (most importantly) customers?

Our clients know the answer… document management technologies.

Combining scanning, workflow and document management capabilities, we can design a solution to meet your needs. We can help every phase of an order, production cycle or internal processes operate more efficiently by managing the documents that drive these activities. Your staff will spend less time looking for paper, and more time acting upon the information that it holds.

Regardless if you are a multi-billion dollar defense contractor or a small custom-fabrication shop, we can help you better manage the information critical to your operations, and more importantly, to your customers.