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IT Audit

Identify Risks, Take Action

What is an IT Audit?


An information technology audit (IT audit) is a method many organizations employ to evaluate whether the systems they have in place are in fact secure, have adequate controls in place, and is properly overseen by IT staff. Essentially, an IT audit can help your organization evaluate its ability to safeguard information and data, while assuring that the distribution of this information is also done in a responsible manner.


An IT audit will also help organizations identify risks to its most valuable asset in many cases—data. Are the controls your IT department established actually protecting assets? Or exposing them to risk? Additionally, an effective IT audit can also help spotlight inefficiencies residing within existing systems and management so these issues can be properly addressed going forward.

Why Perform an IT Audit?


One of the main reasons IT audits are performed is to evaluate the existing IT infrastructure and to identify and illuminate risks that may not be seen by the untrained eye. Audits will also help determine whether computer systems will be available at all required times.


Furthermore, IT audits will ensure only authorized users have access to the IT systems and that the information provided is accurate, dependable and efficient. 


In short, IT audits are an increasingly popular method to obtain a bird’s eye view of IT operations and their effectiveness.

How Western Can Help

Our staff has performed a variety of IT audits for companies both small and large. We will do a deep dive into the intricacies of your IT systems and help identify methods to protect your assets now and into the future. Data breaches can be catastrophic for any organization, but can often be prevented by proactive IT audits that will summarize findings and create a roadmap for securing data for the life of your organization.

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