In today’s competitive market, with the increased demands on customer service and communication, escalating electronic transactions, internet dependence and global connectivity mean that all organizations are continually being challenged to ensure that their business, client and personal data are effectively managed, preserved and protected throughout their lifecycles.

With the projected growth of information over the next decade, an organization must continuously review its policies and the related procedures and processes to ensure that the appropriate procedures are in place and effectively manage the physical and electronic information it receives to reduce the risks associated with mismanagement.

Western Integrated Systems takes a holistic approach in analyzing and understanding an organization’s records program. The following questions will provide a snapshot of your organization’s readiness for the next audit or potential litigation. Once you submit your answers, you will receive a score based upon ARMA International’s Generally Accepted Recordskeeping Principles Maturity Model

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Does a Records Management Policy Exist? *
Does a quality document procedure exist for ISO certification? *
Does an email policy exist? *
Are successful processes in one department emulated in other departments? *
Are identified vital records backed up consistently? *
Are records destroyed on a regular basis? *
Is information on audit or legal holds easy to find by an employee? *
Is an electronic document management system in place? For instance, SharePoint? *
Are SmartPhones or PDA's used to communicate business decisions? *
Is there a dedicated staff for records management? *
Is there a risk manager? *
Is there a records manager? *
Does the company track training sessions, regardless of topic? *
Is there someone responsible for audits, either external or internal? *