Working in the Cloud

Do you know how many of your employees are saving documents to a cloud repository?  

Do you know which ones they’re using?

Are you sure?

The ease of access from mobile devices to Box, DropBox, Google, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Egnyte, ERoom, etc., means your employees could be saving documents in the moment in order to respond while they’re away from the office.  

Do you have a system in place to ensure those documents are findable by others in the organization?  

This is where Robotic Process Automation can ensure compliance with your company’s procedures. For instance, an RPA can be created to check Outlook for attachments which have been opened in any individual’s mailbox, fetch the attachment and move it to your System of Record’s workflow for ingestion.  If the individual who owns the mailbox replied, the reply can also be fetched and kept with the attachment.  No action is required on the part of the user, the company’s business rules are enforced and the company’s records assets preserved, managed and protected.  

If this sounds like it would help you to more efficiently run your business and protect your record assets, contact us to schedule a discussion.