How do you conduct a records inventory?

Because they have taken no inventory, most organizations have no way of knowing what all their information assets are and where those assets are located.  (Information Management Associates, Inc.)

If you don’t know where your information assets are, how can you comply with privacy regulations, such as the GDPR in the European Union or the upcoming CCPA in California? 

Follow the Paper, Follow the Cord

Where are the records?  

Who has control of them?

Who has access to them?

Who receives them – what is the distribution list?

Who manages the offsite retrieval and preparation of boxes?

How many shared drives are there?

Where are documents scanned to? 


Shared drive 

On-premise repository 

Cloud-based repository


Tools exist to look for specific types of records across a network and tools exist which will classify documents based on content to assist in an inventory of digital records.  An inventory of hard copy records remains manual. To reduce the mound of paper to go through, implementing a records retention schedule based on the known age of the records is recommended.  If you don’t have a records retention schedule, give Western a call!