Change Is Inevitable

Change is inevitable.  

Chaos is not.  

The Ketter Method of change management is a structured process which organizations can use to ensure that the investment in change, whether in process improvements, re-engineering or business directives, will be a positive return.


Urgency is often external to the organization: competition, regulatory change, disruption to the business model or a disaster.  The coalition needs to step back from reacting and thoroughly discuss what the future could look like when the changes are enacted.  In the end, will the organization be able to maintain the new system, and, know when it needs to be tweaked to continue the success of the organization?  

When WIS partners with our clients in business process management projects, we recommend pulling in  many stakeholders to identify quick wins that provide a foundation for further improvements.  Business processes, such as accounts payable, employee onboarding and information and data governance, that touch multiple departments provide the best return on the investment for the organization.