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Effectively manage unpredictable business processes for better service and outcomes

Case Management Solutions from Western IntegratedDynamic case management from Western Integrated is characterized by processes which are primarily driven by human workers (often referred to as information workers or knowledge workers), interacting with long running, complex and often unpredictable processes. While the flow of many business processes is known at the outset, the flow of case management processes is unpredictable – they do not follow a predefined path. Some examples include patient records, lawsuits and insurance claims.

Case management is important to many organizations because knowledge workers are important. Between 25% and 40% of the workforce can be classified as knowledge workers today, and this proportion will increase. Knowledge workers have a disproportionate impact on the success and growth of their organizations. The most important processes in many organizations involve knowledge work – they add a high degree of value and have an important impact on long-term success.

Large corporations and government departments are faced with an urgent need to increase Knowledge Worker productivity while constraining expenditure on new IT infrastructure. Claims processing, customer on-boarding, medical cases, legal cases, complaint handling, asylum and citizenship processing are examples of high profile case management processes where failure to meet challenging targets can have serious consequences for the organization and where the cost of effectively managing cases is high.

Our dynamic case management solutions, including Kofax TotalAgility, combine knowledge and process effectively, supports the ad hoc and unpredictable nature of cases and coordinates a range of other technologies to appropriately support knowledge intensive processes.

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