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Mailroom Automation

Cut Mail Processing Time from Days/Weeks to Minutes

Mailroom Automation Services from Western IntegratedWestern Integrated transforms the traditional high-volume, centralized paper mail opening and routing process to enable the capture and routing of images and information in a digital format to provide a more accurate, timely and lower cost solution—especially for invoices.

Our mailroom automation solution expands centralized mailroom functions to support scanned input from distributed locations and external stakeholders as well as new mail channels arising from mobile devices and internet portals, and provides added visibility, control and automation to all mailroom tasks. With our mailroom automation solutions, processes that took days or weeks of iterative corrective actions can be resolved in minutes.

How It Works

Organizations struggle with a number of problems related to collecting and maintaining accurate data required by their business processes. The manual processing and routing of paper and electronic communications is costly, slow and error-prone. Mail errors impact line of business process efficiency and effectiveness, and visibility into mailroom performance is insufficient. These combined with other common challenges highlight the need for an automated approach to the management of a multi-channel mailroom.

Mailroom Automation from Western Integrated

With the best and only integrated platform in the industry, our clients can process all types of documents, at any point in a business process. They can extract accurate metadata and correct any errors from any location, through automated process management and customer communication, so high-value, high-cost business processes begin or progress effectively.


All business processes need accurate information to be executed effectively and efficiently. You will benefit from a completely automated business process that perfects the information that organizations capture for virtually any customer lifecycle touchpoint and transaction type.

  • Increased Data Quality
  • Control
  • Responsiveness to Performance Issues
  • Faster Validation
  • Better Decisions
  • Enhanced Customer Responsiveness
  • Increased Productivity

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