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Customer Service & Sales

Customer Service & Sales Solutions from Western Integrated Your customer service department receives communications in many different formats. Orders, order tracking, product enhancement requests and complaints arrive by email, mail, forms and faxes. Tracking those documents, and getting them into the right hands, is critical to the company’s ongoing business. Customers expect immediate responses, and your company must have systems in place to manage those.

A document management solution from Western Integrated handles these documents quickly and efficiently. Paper, fax, email or e-forms, our document management system enables your staff to properly index the document, where it will then enter the appropriate workflows.

Orders can go right to order entry, shipping requests are responded to right away and complaints are directed to appropriate supervisors to manage. We create the workflow to get these critical documents into the right hands right away, and can even track the responsiveness through resolution. All of this happens within minutes of entering your organization, and can be almost completely automated.

Regardless of how the document enters your organization, we have a way to assure that it is addressed by the right team as quickly as possible. This helps make your organization more customer centric, enabling you to put resources toward resolving the issue instead of managing it.

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