Experience Counts!

Marketing Team - Monday, April 14, 2014

When it Comes to Information Technology

Experience Counts!

A few weeks ago, I was outside working on my yard when my wife came out and said she was going to the store. I said “OK, see you later” and she proceeded to get in her car, she turned the ignition key and the engine hesitated a bit and then started up. As she was pulling out of the driveway, she asked me to come over and look at the dashboard where the battery light was on.

I’m no slouch when it comes to basic car maintenance. I grew up working on cars and can take care of most of the usual maintenance like tire rotation, oil changes, wiper blade replacements, brakes, etc. But with her car, I was a bit hesitant and I suggested that maybe she should take the car to the dealer. We went back and forth a bit, “The dealer is too expensive and they’re going to tell all the other things that need to be serviced, and it’s only the battery”, she said, “You can do it”.

We talked a bit more, “sometimes the battery doesn’t quite fit”, I said, “What if it’s not the battery?” I suggested.

In the end, she ‘convinced me’ to do it (imagine that; a wife won an argument over the husband). We called the local auto parts store, they indicated that they had a battery in stock that would fit and so we drove down to pick it up.

When we got back home, I opened the hood of the car, and looked around for the battery. After about five minutes, I called my wife over to help me locate it;we looked and looked and it was nowhere to be found. “It’s got to be somewhere” I said.

Finally, I went in the house, got my iPad and searched YouTube for a video showing how to change the battery on a BMW. I discovered that the battery was not in the engine compartment of the car. It was in fact, in the trunk of the car. I’d never seen this before.

Now that I knew where the battery was, I noticed that, unlike most of the batteries that I’d seen in the past, this one had some sort of electronic board connected to it. As I started to remove it, I noticed that it had two other connections below it.

I called my wife over and told her that I was not sure what all the other connections on this particular car were for. Every other battery that I’d ever replaced had exactly two. The red positive and the black ground terminals. I had no idea what the other connection were and was going to give up rather than risk damaging something.

In the end, I put everything back together and convinced my wife to take the car to the dealer where someone with the right experience could properly diagnose and repair the issue with her car. It turned out that it was just the battery that was starting to fail.

I was reminded recently that it’s the same with some of the installations that some of our customers have. What can appear to be a rather simple task, can in fact turn out to be a very cumbersome and frustrating process. It’s not always enough to read an administrator’s guide because lots of time they do not cover a specific scenario. Your specific scenario.

This is where having a partner like Western Integrated Systems (WIS) can be a big benefit to your company. While many of our customers can change scanner rollers, create new batch classes, etc., do basic day to day maintenance, it is not always as straight forward to install multiple KCNS servers under one Kofax Central Site, or to upgrade a KTM Project that only process non-PO invoices to process both PO and non-PO invoices.

These types of configurations usually take a certain level of training along with real life experience before you get good at it. We, at WIS, do this every day.

We have the experience, expertise and staff to support the products that we sell so that your system expansions, upgrades, migrations, etc. will go in on time and on budget and with minimal impact on your business. 

Tony Underwood
Western Office Systems / Western Integrated Systems
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Tempe, AZ 85284 

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