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Marketing Team - Monday, March 03, 2014

Environment Conservation and Community Outreach are 2 major components of the culture of Western Integrated Systems.    Our goal and intention is to give back to the community that sustains us and supports our successes and provides us our base of opportunity across the West Coast, Arizona, and Nevada.

Al Ramsay is our Marketing Operations Manager and spearheads our various community outreach and environmental education and conservation initiatives.     Al is very active in the Boy Scout community as a Merit Badge Counselor and helps to train scouts in their range of merit badge opportunities, including Aviation, Space Exploration, Life Sciences, Robotics, Computer Science and other topics.   



The Museum of Flight in Seattle is the primary venue for Aviation and Space Exploration Training.  The facility boasts the Full Fuselage Trainer (FFT) for the American Space Shuttle located in the Charles Semanyi  Space Gallery and this space artifact is used to teach scouts the principals or orbital mechanics, liquid vs solid fueled rocket engines, and the impact of space flight on the human body and various work arounds available.

 In addition, Al is a member of the Docent team at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery in Issaquah WA.   Both facilities are used to train the public on the habitat and adaptations of animals around the world and on the conservation and protection of valuable salmon species in the Pacific Northwest.   Both facilities make ideal training grounds for scouts earning their Mammal, Reptile, Bird Study, and Fish & Wildlife Managem ent Merit Badges.

Finally, on Saturday March 1st, Western Integrated Systems sponsored a tour of scouts visiting the USS Nimitz at the Everett Naval Station in Everett WA.    Our Owner Mr Jim Hughes is a Naval Veteran and this tour was also in conjunction with the scout community and further supported the scouts and their leaders in their endeavor to earn their Aviation Merit Badges, as well as evaluate future careers in Naval Aviation and the military.   




Scouts were stunned at the size and breadth of the vessel, which is literally a floating airbase and projects American airpower to wherever it is needed in the world to support democracy and freedom.



 Western Integrated Systems will continue to support Community Outreach and Environmental Education and Awareness Programs as a vital part of our business culture.   If you would like more information on these programs, please contact Al at 425 681 4689 /





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