Finding the Right Partner is the Most Important Part of Your Solution

Marketing Team - Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Finding the right partner is the most important part of your solution. Recently I saw a quote that stated there is no B2B, B2C it’s all H2H = Human to Human. 

As a business automation solutions provider some people may think it is ironic that I love this statement.

While yes we provide Data CaptureWorkflow and Electronic Content Management solutions that can reduce human interaction with documents, we also provide a whole lot more than just software.

I have worked in the Document Management industry for nearly 10 years and when my clients first begin considering automating processes like Accounts Payable, or Human Resource OnBoarding, I often see the same thing from my clients…fear.  It is the number one reason for not moving forward with office automation. They fear change. They fear of losing control. They worry how it will impact their current employees.

All of these fears are understandable and if not addressed up front can lead to a project’s failure. These fears are a result of a lack of understanding what Data Capture and Content management is and how it can truly enhance your work environment.

Switching from a paper intensive environment to a more automated environment requires a full understanding of the solution. It requires input from experts in the industry. It is not a decision that should be made in a vacuum. That is why it always surprises me that when considering a solution a business owner will just get on the internet and pick a solution that will “instantly resolve their paper problems” without ever talking to a person. Or if they do have contact it’s strictly over the phone. They trust all of the promises. “After all it’s on the internet, it has to be true.”

While at first this may seem faster, easier and at first cheaper, in the long run it isn’t.

At Western Integrated Systems, a company with more than 32 years of experience in providing Business Automation Systems, we understand the importance of interaction with clients. While our products are “Best in Breed” we know to be successful it’s not just about our products. We have built our company on three words…Vision, Partnership, and Action.

Often when people call us the first thing they ask for is a demonstration of our products. However, our first meeting is not about our software. Our first step is to learn about your organization, your processes, what is working, where you see you need improvements what is your vision for success. We want to understand your beginning, where you are now and where you want to be. We want to understand and share in your vision.

Then if we find that, in fact, there is a good fit between our two companies we will bring in other members of the team for you to meet and share our expertise. We want you to get to know us. We do that because we want you to understand we are in this process with you. We are your partners in this change. We don’t just sell a product and leave. We are involved in the entire process. This partnership is important for the success of your project.

Our third step is as important as the first two. We provide our action plan, outlining our deadlines, implementation steps, training requirements and what resources we will need. We follow through on it; meeting our deadlines, providing the services guaranteed in our proposal and being with you every step of the way as we transform your processes from good to great.

Through sharing in our clients’ vision, our strong partnership with them and taking the necessary actions, we have formed many long-term client relationships. And after the implementation is completed we don’t just walk away. We continue to provide support as needed. We provide additional training classes, host seminars and customer appreciation events to keep our clients informed about the newest developments. In doing so, our clients are comfortable in seeking out our advice as they continue to transform their operations to meet greater demands and improved efficiencies.

Through sharing a Vision, forming a Partnership and taking Action Western Integrated Systems has built a solid foundation. Our interaction with our clients is automatic….not automated.

Sallylyn Hill
ECM Document Imaging Specialist
Western Integrated Systems


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